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Business and customer feedback evaluation

Business and customer feedback evaluation

Business evaluation metrics

By tracking your metrics, you will dramatically improve your business results.

Why? Because not only is the old saying “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” true, but visibility into your metrics allows you to identify WHERE you can make the easiest and most impactful improvements.

  1. 1. Total customer count
  2. 2. MCPB( marketing cost per booking)
  3. 3. Average room price(weekly/monthly/quarterly/semiannually/annually)
  4.  4. Average Occupancy rate
  5. 5. Revenue per available room
  6. 6. Gross operating profit per available room
  7. 7. Total revenue per available room
  8. 8. Direct revenue ratio
  9. 9. Country wise data
  10. 10. Average stay per visit

Customer feedback evaluation

We will go through the following customer feedback sources and present you a brief summary of guest feedback report; that is very helpful to find your operational performance, guest satisfaction level, service quality, staff performance and so on.

  1. 1. Collecting a feedback form at the property
  2. 2. Collecting reviews published at various booking sites and social media sites
  3. 3. Customer complaints registered at the reception

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